Frequently Asked Questions

My child has food allergies, can you accomodate him/her?

Little Explorers is a nut-free, peanut-free program. Snack usually includes a fresh fruit or vegetable, cheese, whole-grain crackers.

What is a typical week at Little Explorers Adventures?

Each class meets twice weekly. One class is a field trip to a special indoor or outdoor location. Indoor locations meet at a variety of interesting places for toddlers and preschool age children; i.e. The Fire Station, Train Trip to the SF airport, Hiller Aviation Musuem, Post office, etc. The Outdoor locations are chosen to be the Cream of the Crop of experiential locales. We visit Wildlife preserves, Open Space districts, Farms, Gardens, Creekside Parks, Bayfront parks and Beaches; all within 30 minutes of Palo Alto. Children are encouraged to explore each location's unique offeringswith all of their senses. The day often includes music, art and mess! Circle time is held at each class, with stories, songs and fingerplays.

The First day of class is held at Peers Park Field house on Park Blvd. in Palo Alto. This unique cottage opens up onto a great playground, grassy field, 'tricycle roadway'; and is a fabulous train-viewing location. The curriculum each week relates to the theme and location of our field trip. In this way we are able to extend the experience with a variety of play-based activities which always include a science/math table, fine motor table, several open-ended art projects, gross motor play, sensory play, and a cooking project. We supply trikes, a kitchen-play area, puppets, music, art, reading corner, playdough area, imagination and fun. Circle Time is held at each class, with stories, puppets, felt-board, songs and finger plays.

What is meant by 'adult participation'? Can one adult come with two children?

At every class children are accompanied by their adult companion: a parent, grandparent, nanny, neighbor or friend. The ratio we maintain is one adult for every two children. If you would like to pair up with a friend and alternate days in order to have one free day per weekly session, you are able to do so. Just make sure your children are comfortable with the attending adult. Yes, of course, twins are welcome (with one adult).

Can my child's younger or older sibling come to class?

Yes! All younger siblings up to the age of 18 months may come with you. Our program is designed to be family-friendly. Babies may come with either a stroller or pack on the outings. All locations are stroller accessible.

How does the multi-age range class work for my child?

The multiple age classes are a wonderful mixture of ages and abilities. The class feels similar to an old fashioned neighborhood or an extended family reunion. Older children are able to take leadership and help-mate roles, younger children often observe, imitate, follow, play with (or ignore) their older classmates. This is a very enriching social structure for children of all ages. All activites are play-based and easily extended or adapted to each child's developmental needs.

If I miss my class, can I make it up by attending another one?

Of course! Our program is designed accomodate a family's busy schedule or unexpected interruptions. Please try and let your teacher know if you will be substituting days.

I have more questions...

Feel free to talk with our director, Martina Entriken. 650-326-7215

What people are saying about Little Explorers

Little Explorers is a loving place for both mother and child. 'Adventure Days' gets you out of the house and committed to an adventure with your favorite little person. 'Interpretive Days' are set up like a little classroom...there are stations set up for art activities; cut, paste and sprinkles... messy projects outside; wet, gooey and projects to prepare or just to eat...playground, dress up corner, trains, toys and circle time, with songs, games and stories just like school. For my son and I, s Little Explorers is a casual, relaxed environment, and yet...a school. Which leads me to believe when the day comes for my son to attend school, he'll be ready..."
Loreen Jackson, parent

Your program is magic. During our entire year of enrollment, my son has had great experience interacting with peers, being in nature, going to museums, doing art projects, having sensory experiences, playing with age appropriate toys, playing with peers, exploring materials and life, and to top it all off being introduced to circle time and snack time. I feel that my son has thrived. In the year I have seen his confidence grow, his interaction with peers mature, his patience expand, and his social skills develop. You have created a safe, stimulating, and loving environment. I would recommend your program to anyone."
Denise Daniels, Ph.D (Developmental Psychologist)

The program creates a relaxed environment where the children are allowed to explore nature and where intellectual curiosity and physical play are encouraged. She is a patient, creative, and intellectually stimulating teacher, who leads by example. ... I have had many teachers in my life and I can honestly say that this program is in the top 5 percent that I have encountered."
Connie Ho, MD